Around the House Updates

The gorgeous species Hatiora herminiae has bloomed

A hidden bud on an unknown species, I suspect this is an albino form of Disocactus martianus. Found growing naturally in Mexico. I don’t know if the bud will make it though, I had to spray this down with alcohol to combat mealy bugs which love it.

Disocactus biformis has started to bloom

Disocactus quezaltecus looks to be forming some berries

Disocactus nelsonii ssp. nelsonii also looks to be forming some berries

D. biformis, D. nelsonii ssp. nelsonii, and D. quezaltecus happily growing and blooming under a grow light in my basement

Disocactus hybrid – ‘Star Wars’ isn’t being shy with it’s buds. I started this from cutting in June 2019, so it’s about 3 years old.

Disocactus hybrid – ‘Ruby Pinwheel’ is producing buds, this plant has unique and beautiful branches. The branches grow very slender and long but curl a little.

The first bud has opened on the Disocactus hybrid – ‘Fern La Borde’. There are many more buds to go!

Whoa, I think that is a bud forming on Weberocereus imitans!

Disocactus hybrids – ‘Felcino Filou’, ’Harald Knebel’, and an unknown hiding out in the basement blooming

Remarkable Disocactus hybrid seedlings – ‘Felcino Favorite’ x ’Chameleon’

Schlumbergera hybrids – ‘Chiba Princess’, ’Madame Butterfly’ (non-varigated), ’Mikado Sunrise’, and ’Triana’

Buds on an Aporocactus hybrid – ‘Temple Fire’ and on Aporocactus flagelliformis