Around the House Updates

Trying to make some babies out of Disocactus nelsonii & quezaltecus

Disocactus hybrid blooms, a malformed ’Gold Coin’, ’Felcino Filou’, and ’Jalisco Beauty’. ’Chameleon’ and ‘Felcino Festival’ are still putting on a show as well.

Schlumbergera hybrid blooms, ’Chiba Spot’, ’Thor Wild White’, ’White Rose’, ‘Sangeeta’, and ’Madame Butterfly’ (non-variegated)

Coming soon, maybe… sometimes buds abort Pseudorhipsalis amazonica, Disocactus biformis, ’Dr. Prof. Bockemühl’, ’Kiwi Fellowship’, ’Thirty Dreams’, ’Orange Bouquet’, ’Star Wars’, ’Fern La Borde’, ’English Rose’, ‘Prof. Michel Combernoux’, ’Ron Crain’, ’Märzonne’, ’Katie’s Sweet Kiss’, ’Inca’s Golden Dream’, ’Four Winds’, ’Felcino Fairy’, ’Dietmar Paetz’, and Hatiora herminiae

Other species blooms, Kimnachia ramulosa, Lepismium houlletianum, and Rhipsalis teres form heteroclada