Every morning I wake up make a cup of coffee and mess about on my computer until I have to feed my dogs. Then I take my coffee to go investigate what all the plants are doing. Here were this mornings happeings.

Rhipsalis crispata

Rhipsalis ??

Probably Rhipsalis rhombea, the classification of this species was a mess, however I think it was last year that it was described and classified correctly as an actual species.

Rhipsalis pacheco-leonis subspecies catenulata

Rhipsalis pachyptera

Rhipsalis floccosa subspecies probably tucumanensis

Rhipsalis pentaptera

Probably Rhipsalis sulcata

Rhipsalis triangularis

Rhipsalis oblonga

Hatiora herminiae

Pfieffera boliviana – I’m always surprised when new growth emerges from such crusty ugly branches.

Hatiora salicornioides form cylindrica (bambusoides)

Rhipsalis grandiflora (hadrosoma)

Rhipsalis clavata form delicatula

Rhipsalis grandiflora bud

Lepismium lumbricoides

Rhipsalis teres form heteroclada

Pfeiffera asuntapatensis

Hatiora salicornioides

Hatiora salicornioides form cylindrica

Rhipsalis floccosa

Rhipsalis agudoensis

Rhipsalis paradoxa subspecies septentrionalis

Rhipsalis teres form prismatica

Rhipsalis grandiflora

Rhipsalis teres form unknown but probably the standard form

Rhipsalis ?? I purchased this as Rhipsalis goebeliana however that seems a suspect ID for this plant, I need to do more research to ID it correctly.

Pfeiffera monacantha

Rhipsalis ?? – I have no idea what the mystery nubbin is either, it could be a new clade but this plant hasn’t produced any clades out of the side areoles so maybe it’s a bud. This is my second oldest Rhipsalis, it grows rather slow and hasn’t bloomed yet.

Rhipsalis elliptica

Rhipsalis pachyptera

Probably Rhipsalis campos-portoana

Rhipsalis paradoxa