September 2021


Lately “assume positive intent” is a thing. I think it’s amazing how things like this can get perverted.  In the workplace, this is a very simple concept. Let’s say Susie doesn’t complete her report when it was due. Coworkers should assume Susie meant to complete the report, she probably isn’t stupid or lazy. Susie set…Read more

I need this

Not the adorable otter 🦦, the snuggle combing. If your day sucks, I fully support watching Kotaro & Hana as therapy. — The fug.

Smizing emoji

Dear Apple, did you really Tyra Banks emojis? Must everything have a smizing version? Navigating proper emoji etiquette is hard as it is. Am I to understand if I get a smiling face I now have read into why it wasn’t a smiling smizing face? — The fug.

Spidey is that you?

When it’s not Halloween and this happens. There was only one tiny problem… the sneakers. Keep doing you though, one person out there kinda thought you were amazing. No pun intended 💖. — The fug.