December 2021

Story time with my bff

I think what makes a great friend is someone you can laugh with and be completely yourself with. One of my absolute favorite friends is someone I can be completely silly with and it’s perfectly ok that I’m not always the brightest crayon in the box. We are all storm grey crayons sometimes, and that…Read more

Right = Rights

Doing what is right is lonely. When I was a little girl I was tenacious, I still am. I’ve always believed in standing up for what is right. It doesn’t matter to me if I see some injustice being done to man, woman, child, or mouse. I have absolutely gone to bat for mouse rights…Read more

Dream Issues

Apparently, dreams are meant to help us work out real-life problems. Hands down the coolest dream I’ve ever had was when I was sentenced to death for a crime my dream boyfriend committed. I was led up a very large helix-shaped staircase into a very small plain room. Leonardo da Vinci was waiting in the…Read more

International Man of Mystery

Curiosity killed the cat as they say and you were one seriously annoying mystery. Years later I can still see your mannerisms vividly. Apparently, ~55% of communication is visual. You were only slightly taller, black hair, brown eyes. You didn’t wear those glasses where I saw you. I’m relieved at least that was in my…Read more

10 things you hated about me

It started out as loathing. I’m such a joker and you clearly were having a bad day. My charms were obviously misplaced, but all I really wanted was a light-up mouse. Can you blame me? You came around eventually, you did light up both my offices like Christmas trees, although, that might have been wasted…Read more