Fantabulous Women

It’s a word, I checked.

My grandmother. What an amazing strong intelligent woman. I attribute most of what is good about me to her. I was always a bit rough around the edges, and somehow she always knew just how to push to make me want to be better. Wanting someone to be proud of you is a powerful motivator. She was always very kind, I never heard her raise her voice or be unkind to anyone. Someone once asked me if I could spend 1 hour talking to anyone dead or alive who it would be. It would be her.

My aunt. She was so funny. She was truly kind, and being truly kind in the face of unkindness takes strength. I used to think she was born kind but now I’m positive she chose to be kind. I often say things like, feelings don’t matter as much as we think they do, and people tend to look at me like I grew two extra heads. I know her feelings were not always that of being kind, she chose to be.

My mom. She is a badass. All the things that are feirce and courageous about me came from her. She is strong-minded and absolutely hilarious. Fearless and adventurous. I don’t think she sees rules. I don’t even think she sees guidelines. She only seems to see possibilities.

Amazing friends. Women who are shining lights. They have these truths they can’t contain. Strong, intelligent, brave, hilarious women. I love these women. They express who they are and how they feel. They exude their identities.

— The fug.