March 2022


I woke up this morning and all I could think about was waffles. Twelve hours later, I’m still thinking about waffles. I think I need waffles. — The fug.

Fantabulous Women

It’s a word, I checked. My grandmother. What an amazing strong intelligent woman. I attribute most of what is good about me to her. I was always a bit rough around the edges, and somehow she always knew just how to push to make me want to be better. Wanting someone to be proud of…Read more

Toxic Positivity 

I saw this term today for the first time. I knew there had to be an appropriate term for this type of experience. I can’t wait to tell someone they are being toxic the next time they try to act like the glass is full when it’s clearly not. Lol, ”invalidation of the authentic human emotional…Read more