Story time with my bff

I think what makes a great friend is someone you can laugh with and be completely yourself with. One of my absolute favorite friends is someone I can be completely silly with and it’s perfectly ok that I’m not always the brightest crayon in the box. We are all storm grey crayons sometimes, and that is amazing.

It took a long time before he would allow me to post this, which is silly because… why not?

One of my favorite times is story time. Lately he has been telling me a series of stories from Tales from the Dark Side of Online Dating.

These are some messed up stories but they are always hilarious. I think I must be very naive about the realities of online daters because I can’t seem to figure out how the characters in these tales are based on true stories.

There are tales of characters like this:

A few characters who’s anthem is Rihanna’s S&M.

My personal favorite though is the unavailable ones like this one.

— The fug.