Bad Romance

I was trying to find a movie to watch when I came across a rom-com I never remember, except that I can’t stand it. Who hates a rom-com? 

I’ve watched Something Borrowed three times because I never seem to remember it. As the title suggests, Darcy’s best friend Rachel borrows her fiance Dex for the foreseeable future.

All the characters are questionable lasting relationship material and make poor life choices. Dex cheats on Darcy with Rachel, Rachel betrays Darcy by sleeping with her fiance, and Darcy cheats on Dex. Rachel’s character is self-absorbed, and both Dex and Darcy are cowardly.

How is this classified as a romance?

After several decades of living, I’m just now understanding the classification comes purely from any storyline where characters develop an affection for each other. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

— The fug.