Gratuitous Shirtlessness

I watched Snake Eyes a while ago, which is a spinoff from G.I. Joe. In any case, Andrew Koji was cast as Storm Shadow.

This got me thinking about Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe: Retaliation, played by Lee Byung-hun. Here is the thing, I only remember two things about this movie. The mountain swinging fight scene where Storm Shadow is in what looks like a bodybag and the wet shirtless Lee Byung-hun scene, not for the suspected reason.

This was the first time I noticed a man being objectified on screen. He wasn’t just shirtless. I mean, he fell out of a tank of water, so obviously, he was all wet. Then shockingly, another dude ripped his shirt off. It was like … cue Marvin Gaye’s Let’s get it on kind of scene.

How is this not the same thing as Flashdance? The moment water gets splashed all over, things change.

I remember watching this and being a bit like, what on earth did I just watch. It was like a horror movie shower scene type of thing. I was legitimately confused for at least 20 seconds before laughing hysterically, then going back and watching it again. It was so gratuitous, I googled this actor, and he is shirtless a lot. It’s a thing, like Kevin Costner’s butt making a cameo in all his movies. I can totally see why, if I worked to have those abs… jk I would have nice private abs 😳.

— The fug.