International Man of Mystery

Curiosity killed the cat as they say and you were one seriously annoying mystery.

Years later I can still see your mannerisms vividly. Apparently, ~55% of communication is visual.

You were only slightly taller, black hair, brown eyes. You didn’t wear those glasses where I saw you. I’m relieved at least that was in my favor.

You had that stupid dimple that made me angry, thankfully it rarely made an appearance.

I have no doubt all those Stradivarius hours made your hands move in that fascinating irritating way. I could have watched them for hours and hours.

The way our feet barely left the ground. The way they slid across the floor like you were walking through calm deep water. That was just your style.

You never really talked or smiled. Aways down to business. You had this biting sense of humor if you ever chose to speak at me. I could easily make you laugh, but I preferred that dimple stay hidden.

The way you dropped your gaze to the floor and glanced up underneath your eyelashes. The way you slapped or pointed at me like you didn’t want to touch me as though I was physically on fire.

You had this dominating presence. Plain, simple, and humble you were not looking to be noticed. So many qualities for me to ignore.

The way you moved was all grace and masculinity. You had a kind of confidence. Even with a whole room watching, you rarely missed a beat. Ah, but when you missed that beat you would sneer, slightly shake your head, and let out that quiet self-deprecating laughter. It was followed by a flow of quiet anger that only manifested in more determination.

There was a part of you that wasn’t quite nice, you liked to tell everyone what to do. I always wanted to be singled out by you because your bar was so impossibly high.

I’m childlike and jubilant full of wide-eyed wonder. I might never be as serious or mature as you, but I am constantly determined too, I just usually do it with a smile.

They say practice makes perfect but that is not entirely true. Critical practice makes perfect us a little better is a more accurate way to say it.

I could see a quiet admiration coupled with confusion like you couldn’t quite figure out how I knew that too.

Sure enough one day I was singled out by you and I did it with a big ass smile.

I learned so very much just from watching you.

Lucky thing I’m only metaphorically a cat.

— The fug.