Dream Issues

Apparently, dreams are meant to help us work out real-life problems.

Hands down the coolest dream I’ve ever had was when I was sentenced to death for a crime my dream boyfriend committed. I was led up a very large helix-shaped staircase into a very small plain room. Leonardo da Vinci was waiting in the room for me almost as a last rites type of thing if you removed all religion and it was purely academic. Best conversation ever. He was basically a much smarter Albus Dumbledore. Turns out the way I was to be executed was having to jump off a very, very high diving board.

This morning I was surprised to wake up from a rather vivid dream about zombies. I think I was in the zombie apocalypse. They bit one of my brothers. They bit my mom’s dog. They bit my dog on the paw. It was intense. THEY BIT MY DOG.

I’m not sure what kind of real-life problems I have, but I’m convinced they are very serious.

— The fug.