Teenage Dream

You were my height. You had blue eyes, glasses, braces, and asthma. I was so smitten with you, like a little puppy. I followed you everywhere.

Enter a rogue suitor, a tall handsome boxer on a motorcycle. She convinced me to sneak out with these older dangerous boys. They made out and I talked to the rogue suitor about all the shapes in a tree. They laughed at me.

There you are again with your blue eyes and glasses. There I am again following you around. She is confused, so is rogue suitor. I am not.

When I followed you on your top secret mission, it turned out you were a bit dangerous. You liked adrenaline.

You seemed to find me annoying. You seemed suspicious. I tried to talk to you but I didn’t know how. You were intelligent, I was afraid. I just kept following you, you kept surprising me, I was curious.

You kissed me. You were not shy. You were dangerous.

— The fug.