Cruel Algorithm

Lol. When you’re having a particularly bad day and it just straight up seems like the universe is not only not on your side but is out to make you absolutely certain it is deliberately targeting your life. Then it takes a really low blow. I didn’t believe algorithms could be cruel until today. I…Read more


Interesting conversation with a friend, he explained to me how he asked another person a question, and the response he was given was a little less than immediately relevant. It’s not the first time he has brought up the unique way the person is communicating with him. So, I asked him, “Are you having communication…Read more

Bad Romance

I was trying to find a movie to watch when I came across a rom-com I never remember, except that I can’t stand it. Who hates a rom-com?  I’ve watched Something Borrowed three times because I never seem to remember it. As the title suggests, Darcy’s best friend Rachel borrows her fiance Dex for the foreseeable future….Read more

Gratuitous Shirtlessness

I watched Snake Eyes a while ago, which is a spinoff from G.I. Joe. In any case, Andrew Koji was cast as Storm Shadow. This got me thinking about Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe: Retaliation, played by Lee Byung-hun. Here is the thing, I only remember two things about this movie. The mountain swinging fight…Read more